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Next-Gen Social Platform For We The People
We Protect Your Freedom Of Speech
We Respect Your Personal Data
And So Much More...
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We Protect Your Freedom of Speech

You will never be arbitrary censored, blocked or shadowbanned on COVFEFEcorner  because freedom of speech is your number one right and our number one priority. And that is non negotiable.

We Respect Your Personal Data

We will never sell your personal data to any third party. Ever. On COVFEFEcorner you are the one who decide to monetize you data (or not) therefore making money doing so, or collecting coupons from your favorite brands.

Active Members Make Money

COVFEFEcorner is a fair social platform. We pay our users because the network is meaningless without You !  That is why you will get paid when you sign-in, invite people to join, comment others posts and when you publish useful content.

Trade With Your Friends

Thanks to the COVFEcoin, our proprietary crypto-currency, you’ll soon be able trade goods and services with your friends all over the world, in just a few clicks.

Why COVFEFEcorner ?

Social media gone wrong



Because social media were cool… until they were not anymore, when they decided to become evil and turned their users into products and cash cows.

Therefore we the people demand:


  • To have our free speech protected instead of beeing arbitrary blocked,
    shadowbanned, and suppressed by people that don’t share our views and
    think they can censor us when they see fit regardless of the law.


  •  The total respect of our personal data, the opportunity to monetise
    those data ourselves and to receive a fair financial compensation for it


  • That the social media we help grow and make very successful fairly
    reward us when we sponsor new members or when we publish popular content


  •  In addition to be able to share all kinds of content with our friends
    we also want to have the opportunity to trade goods and services
    instantaneously with our friends all around the world (that is what
    crypto-currencies are for after all)

Mainstream social media are obviously becoming obsolete by the day. Therefore it is time to replace them by something way better and much More respectful and user friendly.

What is COVFEFEcorner ?

COVFEFEcorner is a paradigm shift.

COVFEFEcorner is a new kind of social media that harness the power of cutting edge technologies (blockchain, smart-contracts and crypto-currency) with the goal of puting back the users at the center of the social experience.


It is a respectful, fair and ethical platform that welcomes anyone and everyone regardless of your social background, skin color, sexual orientation, political opinion.


It is an open source, decentralised, self governed social platform for we the people, with no central authority or control structure.COVFEFEcorner aims to empower its users and give them back their absolute right of free speech and control over their personal information while sharing its revenues with them.


COVFEFEcorner is a game changer that will disrupt the social media industry forever

How different is COVFEFEcorner ?

COVFEFEcorner is completely different both in terms of technology and ethic.


The decentralized architecture of the blockchain automatically suppresses any form of central authority and censorship, thus guaranteeing total freedom of speech to all COVFEFEcorner's members.


Are electronic contracts that execute themselves automatically when certain conditions are met. Among other things they allow you to regain total control over your data, to monetize it at will, and to get paid instantly when you participate to the growth of COVFEFEcorner.


Our own money, the COVFEcoin, will be credited to your account each and every time you decide to monetize your data, sponsor new members, comment and publish content. It will also allow you to buy, sell, or rent goods and services with any of your friends on COVFEFEcorner 24/7/365

When will COVFEFEcorner be available to the world ?
Birth of the idea
Market research & study
1st PR and marketing campaign
Landing page
Partnerships (legal, dev, marketing)
Advisors, ambassadors and influencers recruitment
1st round of funding (VC's, BA's, CF)
Bounty program
2nd PR and marketing campaign
Live V1.0 COVFEFEcorner's social platforms (IOS, Android, web)

Before COVFEFEcorner is live we still have a lot of work to do, and we are counting on you to help us all the way through.

Who is COVFEFEcorner ?

COVFEFEcorner is brought to you by a team of dedicated people who believe

In free speech protection, respect of personal data, sharing economy, And ethical free market


We want to bring you the best of what cutting-hedge technologies has to offer,

without making any compromise in term of quality, moral and ethic

Alexis Choron
CEO and co-founder

He has more than 20 years of experience in project management in technologies (internet,3D printing, blockchain). In 1999 he co-founded Crystale, the first french magazine for women on the web. In 2011 he
co-founded 3biggg, and Kidart3D, two 3D printing services for professionals and individuals. In 2018 he co-founded Smart Carbon the 1st french PR agency dedicated to blockchain companies. He is leading
the development of the 1st Blockchain Accelerator in Marseille and facilitate a focus group called “Multimodality, Urban mobility and Blockchain”

Amélie Choron
CFO and co-founder

Amelie graduated from ida (institut du droit des affaires) in Aix-en-provence with a dess degree in intellectual property. She has more than 20 years of IP expertise for big and small companies in areas like news (Prisma Press), food and beverage (Orangina), music (SCPP), 3D Printing (Kidart3D, Muse3D) and is working on the legal
aspects of blockchain and smart-contract since 2017. In 2018 with her brother Alexis she co-founded Smart Carbon the 1st french PR agency dedicated to blockchain companies.

Madriss Kermiche
Crypto community specialist

After a BA in economics at the Université de la Sorbonne, Madriss started trading crypto-currencies as soon as 2015. As an early player in the french crypto-currencies community he has developed an extensive
network of french influencers in this area. In 2018 he co-founded Crypto Station one of the first crypto-currency exchange office in France where he is the blockchain and crypto specialist.

Arnaud Bouguet
Events & partnerships

Arnaud is studying management at Kedge Business School. Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship he regularly organises big events such as “Le Phare de l’Entrepreneuriat” in Marseille. In June Arnaud co-organized the 1st Gala Blockchain PACA which was the biggest blockchain event in 2018 in Marseille with 150+ attendees. In 2017 he launched its first service company which is specialized in creating sound identity for corporations.

Salvatore Mundi (1)
Salvatore Mundi
Interface with US press

Salvatore is our own Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows who he is but he brings to the team an extensive network of relationships comprised of more than five hundred members of the US press that we will use as relays for our US marketing campaign.

Cédric Dubucq
Law and regulations

Co-founder and Partner at BRUZZO-DUBUCQ law firm (www.bruzzodubucq.com), Cedric DUBUCQ is a former “Conférence du Stage” award winner. He advises his clients on cross-cutting technological issues and specifically companies using blockchain and A.I. who seek advices regarding crypto-currencies fund raising (ICO). Cedric is the founder of la “Clinique du Droit des Affaires” and “LeX4” which goal is to democratize
law in Africa.

Cedric and his law firm BRUZZO-DUBUCQ will be COVFEFEcorner’s advisors on the legal and international regulation aspects of the project.

Smart Carbon
PR & Communication

Founded in March 2018 in Marseille, Smart Carbon (www.smartcarbon.io) is the very first public relations agency in France exclusively dedicated to french and foreign blockchain projects and companies that want to
penetrate the french market, the 2nd largest european market.Smart Carbon will be COVFEFEcorner’s public relations advisor during its international communication campaign.

Contact us

“The network by itself is meaningless. Only the people were ever
meaningful” (Jaron Lanier)

That is why to create a truly meaningful next-gen social medium for We the People WE NEED YOU !



We are open to collaborations and partnerships whith skilled and Driven individuals as well as creative and innovative organisations

so If your’re one of the above feel free to contact us s if you simply want to be kept informed or, even better, if you want to be involved in the development of this disruptive and ambitious project


131 Avenue de Mazargues, 13008 Marseille France

+33 (0) 648385840


In these time of intense social media manipulation and arbitrary speech, ideas and opinions censorship

COVFEFEcorner is a proud signatory of the “Protect Free Speech in the Digital Public Square” petition.